7 Cleaning Resolutions to Make for 2022

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7 Cleaning Resolutions to Make for 2022


Funny thing about New Year's resolutions: people who make them often don't keep them. Seems like the moment you put them on paper, you decide to slip the list under the rug and ignore it until you're not so busy. When it comes to cleaning tasks, the situation's the same. Chores tend to pile up inconspicuously like your clothes on a sofa you gave up sitting on a long time ago. So, let this year begin with a couple of cleaning resolutions but also let it end with a clean, neat, and safe home. If we make the list of resolutions for you, it's not cheating, right?

1. I will use multipurpose cleaning chemicals and reusable cloths

You might argue that single-purpose cleaners are the best for a specific job. However, most cleaning chemicals have the same chemical basis, and thus the logic behind storing a host of various cleaners in your cupboard goes down the drain. Save your time, space, and home budget and purchase a couple of multipurpose cleaning products. Focus on natural, more eco-friendly solutions.

Expand this resolution to cleaning supplies, as well. Reusable microfiber cloths and scrubbers are designed to provide a quick and easy cleaning experience, even to the busiest and most impatient of homeowners. Equally important, they present a sustainable and cost-efficient alternative to single-use products.

2. I will not skip spring cleaning this year

What better way to begin the year than with complete spring cleaning? People often underestimate the benefits of deep cleaning once a year and the lasting sense of freshness and lightness it leaves behind.

If there is one thing you can do to improve your living conditions that also greatly benefits your health, it's deep cleaning your home. While top-to-bottom cleaning more than once a year is always welcome, spring cleaning is a huge check on your list of cleaning resolutions.

3. I will leave my current home clean for new tenants

It is decent and proper to clean before you move out and leave your current home in excellent condition for the new tenants. Imagine what you'd like to find when you enter a new home and bestow it upon others. Perhaps, if enough people are adamant about this resolution, it will become a common thing one day.

4. I will declutter and clean regularly

The more often you declutter your home, the less time you will have to spend tidying subsequently. It is a simple fact people often overlook and end up living with piles of unused, dated, and damaged items. Decluttering takes a couple of minutes daily, an hour weekly, and half a day or longer every other month.

Don't let the tidying scare you, though. You don't have to do it alone. Each family member can do a small part and help greatly in the decluttering process. Everything you don't need but is usable and in good condition, you can sell or donate. With professional packing services to assist you, you can safely prepare your belongings in no time, properly fill the boxes, and check yet another item off your cleaning resolutions list.

5. I will clean right after a home remodelling

After tiresome remodelling work, the last thing you wish to do is more tiresome work, such as cleaning. However, cleaning post-construction is necessary. Not only because the dirt will easily spread to the rest of the home if neglected, but because it presents a health hazard to the occupants.

Moreover, the longer you wait to clean the smudges of paint, wood peelings and other debris, the more difficult it will be. So, make a cleaning plan, enlist family and friends as helpers, grab those multipurpose cleaners and reusable sponges and give your renovated home a good scrub as soon as possible.

6. I will take better care of my driveway and patio this year

Your driveway, patio and decking are not only among the most frequented areas; they are also outdoors. Continuously changing weather conditions, dirt, mould, and weeds make your outdoor area's regular cleaning and maintenance an important task. One that you might not have the time or willpower to do after a long day.

If your resolve starts to evaporate at the mention of cleaning your patio slabs, then pressure washing is the solution for you. Unless you own pressure washing equipment, make sure the service providers use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions in the process. In case you're among the lucky ones who own a patio or decking, clean it thoroughly, and make the best of it this year.

7. I won't be above asking cleaning experts for help

Quite often, you know what needs to be done around your home, but you can't manage it on top of other things. Don't simply ignore the chores. It's OK to call experts to assist you or do the cleaning of the entire home for you. It's perfectly normal to delegate the cleaning tasks to specialists who have all the necessary cleaning chemicals and equipment.

It is a good choice to invest your money in expert cleaning help. Besides, affordable cleaning services are not difficult to find. Getting professionals to assist you with your home tidying resolutions is not cheating. It's being efficient.

If a goal seems too big, make small steps

House cleaning was always considered a DIY kind of work, but the times have changed. They put tremendous pressure on those who wish to live their life in optimal work-life balance. Somehow, deep cleaning tends to be the element shattering that image, so it's often removed from the picture. But it doesn't have to be that way. Ask experts to thoroughly clean your home once a year and then simply maintain it.

And once you put your home in order, point your attention to prevention. Wear home shoes to avoid spreading dirt from outside in your home. Designate one or two strategic drop-off spots for a laundry container and make a habit of depositing your dirty clothes there. Make decluttering, cleaning, and sanitising your home a regular practice instead of new year's cleaning resolutions.

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