End of Tenancy Cleaning Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes End of Tenancy Cleaning You Can Trust

Whether you are moving into a new house or moving out from your rental property a deep thorough cleaning is necessary. At that point, the end of tenancy cleaning Milton Keynes is a task that you must complete, especially if you want to get your full deposit back from your landlord or managing agency. The Post tenancy cleaning is an efficient and effective top to bottom cleaning of the whole property like de-lime and descale of the bathroom, de-greasing and polishing the kitchen, dusting, and sanitising the living space. Our professionals will clean and disinfect all types of surfaces and areas using top-notch professional equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

If you want to get your full deposit back, then hiring a professional and experienced cleaning company in Milton Keynes will prove to be worth.

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Your Move out Cleaning Service in Details

It’s hard to anticipate that, but after all the hassle of packing stuff up and moving out of the premises, the scars of destructions are unavoidable. Things like dust on skirting boards, carpets full of footprints, and bathrooms that probably need a good scrubbing are simply inevitable. Fortunately, you’ll always have our help by your side!

  • Cleaning and sanitising of the kitchen and utility - includes all surfaces; cupboards and drawers inside, outside and on top of them; kitchen appliances (oven, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, extractor fan, hob, microwave) cleaned in and out/behind where reachable; sink, worktops;
  • Cleaning and sanitising of the bathrooms and toilets - including de-scale of the sanitary units like taps, baths, sinks, showers and screens; scrubbing tiles; disinfecting the toilet and floors; dusting ventilation fan;
  • General cleaning and dusting of skirting boards, doors and frames, switches and sockets, hard to reach areas (behind radiators, above and beneath cupboards); cobwebs removal; dusting curtains railings;
  • Cleaning & shining all glass surfaces – polishing mirrors, windows inside, including the frames and sills;
  • Cleaning all hard floors with relevant detergents based on their surface;
  • Moving light furniture and cleaning underneath/behind; carpets and soft furnishings will be vacuumed;
  • Final touch to details;

Guaranteed End of Tenancy Professional Cleaning Service MK

For exceptional results, our teams are following the requirements of the most leading agencies on the market. Therefore, the cleaning process is adhered to a checklist, which guarantees that nothing will be missed and getting back your deposit will be easy. The End of tenancy cleaning is guaranteed for 48 hours and if by any chance there is a missed area after the inventory check is done, we will be happy to come back for free re clean.

Why Booking Your EOT Milton Keynes with Variety Cleaning

  • End of lease professional cleaning with 48 hrs guarantee to easily recover your deposit
  • We supply high-end equipment and professional cleaning detergents you cannot find in the store
  • Get amazing 40% OFF from your Carpet or Upholstery cleaning cost when you book your EOT
  • Free oven cleaning in a dip tank with powerful solution
  • Tenancy cleaning is not limited in time
  • Team of professional cleaners with know-how and experience
  • Flexible working schedule 7 days a week, even on Bank holidays

Professional Cleaning Services in Milton Keynes

Great asset to your Post tenancy cleaning is including the professional carpets or upholstery cleaning to your cleaning package. Thus, your property will look far and away superior and will guarantee to recover your full deposit back from your landlord. Not to be overlooked that you will save not only money but also a time when taking advantage of the fantastic deal we offer – 40% off from the carpets or upholstery cleaning price when combined with your tenancy cleaning. Moreover, if your tenancy agreement states that you should clean the external windows of the property, pressure wash the driveway/patio, clean/dust the blinds, our professionals can help you with these tasks too at an affordable price.In addition to the end of tenancy professional cleaning in Milton Keynes, you can discover the variety of efficient cleaning services we offer you like After builders cleaning or Deep cleaning.

Competitive End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices in Milton Keynes

Property TypeExcluding Carpet CleaningIncluding Carpet Cleaning
1 Bedroomfrom £198from £249
2 Bedroomsfrom £220from £295
3 Bedroomsfrom £269from £368
4 Bedroomsfrom £360from £489
5 Bedrooms and aboveWe recommend a surveyWe recommend a survey

Please note that the calculation of the end of tenancy cleaning price is based on the number and dimension of the rooms and may vary. For instance, the approximate cost that appears above is based on unfurnished properties, regularly cleaned and well-kept premises. Having additional rooms than the ones described in each type property or the premises being neglected might alter the final price. More details you can find on our price list. Parking charges (if any) will added to the total cost of your service.

With our moderate costs and exact quality and skills, Variety Cleaning is without a doubt the number one preferred local cleaning company you can entrust for your expert End of Tenancy Cleaning Milton Keynes. We offer excellence, dependability, reliability, and reasonable costs! Contact our office staff and book your guaranteed End of Tenancy Professional Cleaning in Milton Keynes at 020 3637 9193 or complete the contact form.