After Builders Cleaning

Your Post Builders Cleaning at a Glance

Redesign and development work always brings exciting and compelling results. However, the final stage of their fulfilment can be truly tedious: the after builders cleaning. Upon completion of the construction works, you should expel and clean with care all type of pollutions-paint or plaster residue, builders dust and grout.

With our moderate costs and exact quality and skills, Variety Cleaning is without a doubt your favoured accomplice in Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, London and Greater London. We offer Post Builders Cleaning of flats, houses, offices, commercial sites in London, Guildford, Hemel Hempstead, Oxford, Reading, Redhill, Slough, Portsmouth, Southampton, Milton Keynes, St Albans, Stevenage which removes dust and dirt throughout. From home improvements to new build projects - Variety Cleaning's professionals can handle the mess quickly, thoroughly and affordable.

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By trusting us for this time-and energy consuming service, our after builders cleaners will make sure to complete the below tasks according to your priorities
  • As part of the builders clean our professionals will remove dirt and clean dust from all surfaces, regardless of the size and type
  • Deep cleaning of the skirting boards, railings, window ledges, entryway and window outlines
  • Cleaning of all sanitary units, pipes and tiles in the bathroom and kitchen
  • Scrubbing the tiles and cleaning the grouts and wiping all the floors and surfaces
  • Removing any stickers or protections from windows, cupboards and surfaces
  • Sanitising the kitchen- appliances, cupboards and tops thoroughly dusted and cleaned
  • Dusting and vacuuming throughout the property
  • In particular, we will leave no traces of paint, plaster, glue or builders dust behind

In general, the renovation cleaning is a highly personalised service and you can modify it based on your priorities and needs.

Professional Industrial Equipment for Your Construction Cleaning

To effectively complete each construction cleaning, we will send a team of expert cleaners who will use industrial heavy-duty equipment, most recent innovations and top-notch cleaning detergents that are totally safe for individuals and pets alike. Our post renovation cleaners will have at disposal powerful and effective vacuum cleaners specially designed for building dust, scrubbers, jet washers, and so on. Most importantly, Variety Cleaning guarantees you the most noteworthy professional cleaning standards for a post-remodel and post-development cleaning of your property.

Dependable After Builders Cleaners

Primarily, all of our professional after builder cleaners have completed various instructive courses. Their knowledge, combined with their year-long experience is an assurance for the phenomenal results that we guarantee.

The post-redesign cleaning is an hourly rate service and as per the size and condition of the premises, we can suggest an estimated duration. We are transparent in our quotes and in case the cleaners complete your cleaning service earlier than the agreed time or they will require extra time, we will be glad to revise the cost in like manner. Just have in mind that for booking after builders cleaning there is a minimum charge.

  • Free quotes and also free surveys for bigger and business properties
  • Conveying the property up to a clean and dust-free condition, ready for you to move in
  • Flexible working hours and friendly client support at your disposal 7 days a week

Why you should book Variety Cleaning for the best After Builders Cleaning

Most likely each and every individual fears the dusting of all surfaces, floors, furniture and small items around the house. With this in mind, our post construction cleaning service is carefully designed to remove all of the dirt, dust and debris created from the building materials. We use advanced methods for protecting your newly made floorings and walls from damage. With high standards and constant quality checks, we can guarantee you that we will deliver the promised results.

Therefore, once the development work is over, contact the professional after builders cleaners from Variety Cleaning for an intensive and comprehensive site cleaning.

  • Comprehensive professional After Builders Cleaning
  • Experienced and highly trained professional post build cleaners
  • Post renovation cleaning at affordable cost
  • Flexible working hours
  • Most recent industrial gear and top-level professional cleaning solutions

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Affordable After Builders Cleaning Price Rate

Price per hour per cleaner
From £22
equipment & detergents £20
Minimum charges apply

Generally, the Post construction cleaning is an hourly rated service. Which implies that the final cost depends on the size, condition of the property as well as your particular requirements for the cleaning service. Parking, ULEZ and congestions charges (if any) will be added to the final price.

Frequently Asked Questions About After Builders Cleaning

1Can I book after builders cleaning while the works at my property are still going on?
We recommend for after builders cleaning to be carried out when the works are completed so our team can accomplish a high-quality cleaning service. On the other hand, we will be happy to come and clean certain areas of the place or even the whole property while the builders are still working. However, keep in mind that we can’t ensure the best possible results as there will be more construction/renovation work taking place after the cleaning and dust can settle again in all surfaces.
2What is the difference between one-off cleaning and post builders cleaning?
The one-off cleaning is a service suitable for light or spring cleaning. On the other hand, After builders cleaning experts suggest, this service is carried out after property refurbishment, construction work, decoration and so on. The post builders cleaners specialise in dealing with construction/renovation debris and have the necessary industrial equipment and detergents to scrape and remove all residues construction materials can cause like paint drops, plaster, glue, stickers and foil.
3Do you collect and throw the after builders rubbish?
Our team will collect any rubbish left from the builders in bags and leave it at the designated area of your property. We do not take any rubbish with us
4How many cleaners will attend to the property?
The number of cleaners depends on the size of the property and the timely completion of the project. For large properties and building sites, we do recommend a survey so we can provide you with an accurate quote and you can be aware of the cost in advance. The team of post builders cleaners can vary between 2-6 or more cleaners.
5When is better to book the after builders cleaning - before or after the carpet fitting?
We have done the after builders cleaning both ways. It is all about your preference and time restrict for the job. Here are the things that you should consider before you make your final decision. Before the carpets are fitted: This way all the dust and dirt underneath will be cleaned and will not go into the carpets after that. However, please note that some amount of dust will accumulate on the surfaces after the fitting of the carpets. After the carpets are fitted: There will be dust under the carpets (unless you do not clean it first) which over time will get into the carpets. Once you clean the carpets professionally it is possible the dirt to get into the fabric and dark marks to appear. But it all depends on the carpet fabric and how much dust or dirt will be underneath.
6Do you offer External Window Cleaning?
The experts will mainly focus on interior window cleaning, frames and sills included as well as the gap in between. We do offer an external window cleaning and depending on the access to the windows we can provide the service for an additional charge. Different equipment is involved to reach up to 2nd floor - extension window pole system purifying the water - as well as our technician will need access to an outside water tap. This method of washing the exterior windows will remove dust, dirt from the frames and glass surfaces, however is not suitable for cleaning of builders residues like paint drops, plaster, stickers.

Finally, the new build cleaning service we offer you does not need to come alone. You can undoubtedly combine it with any of the other professional cleaning services we provide, and without moving a finger, to enjoy a spotless and ready to move-in home! Discover the high-quality Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning, External Window Cleaning, Jet Wash Cleaning, One-off Cleaning, Domestic Regular Cleaning and End of Tenancy Cleaning

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