One off Cleaning

How the One-off cleaning Service Works

Variety Cleaning is your local professional cleaning company providing you with an affordable and reliable one-off deep cleaning services efficiently and promptly. We help commercial and residential homeowners to eliminate the source of clutter in just one visit. With the flexibility, professionalism, individual approach and local teams situated in different areas, your customer's satisfaction is guaranteed.

As part of the one-off spring cleaning service, you can have your entire property cleaned or it can cover a specific room or area of your house. Just inform us in advance about your priorities so the cleaners will know them in advance and follow them on the day of the cleaning.

Here’s a brief overview of what the cleaners can cover

Most importantly, the one-off cleaning is with an individual concept and our professional one-off cleaners will strictly follow your priorities

  • Kitchen – wiping and cleaning of all kitchen appliances. Dusting off all cupboards, countertops, and tables; sanitising the floor
  • Bathroom – de-lime and descale of the tub and sink, and disinfect the toilet. Polishing of all bathroom cabinets; cleaning tiles and floor
  • Bedroom – hoovering all carpets and rugs. Dusting off picture frames, light switches, wardrobes, and other surfaces; cleaning skirting boards, windows inside
  • Living room – tackling furniture pieces and vacuuming floors. Removing cobwebs and polishing indoor windows
  • Hallway – dusting all surfaces including skirting boards, railings and woodwork

Your priorities are of great importance to us and we always pay special attention to your individual needs. Whether you need the whole house or flat deep cleaned, or just a quick bathroom scrubbing, you only pay for the scheduled time. Call today our friendly customer support at 020 3637 9193 and book a spring clean of your home!

When Can You Take Advantage of the Deep One-Off Clean?

You can expect the cleaners to achieve great results on all occasions, some of which are:

  • Moving into a new home
  • Upcoming spring cleaning or fall cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Pre-party or Post-party clean up and tidy up

What’s more, you can have your one-off cleaning service as soon as tomorrow! We have different teams of one-off cleaners located in different cities in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey as well as London and Greater London, and we certainly have reliable professional cleaners near you.

You can have professional carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, jet wash cleaning, external window washing as part of your one-off cleaning session at preferential rates. Please contact one of our customer support staff and you will receive an adequate and precise quote. Ultimately, you can discover the other professional cleaning services we also perform in your area like End of tenancy cleaning or After builders cleaning and benefit from the great deals we offer.

Why Booking Variety Cleaning’s One-off Deep Cleaning?

  • Reliable and experienced professional cleaners
  • Proficient equipment, tools and quality cleaning solutions
  • Paying is done per hour, not per job
  • You are in control of the upkeep priorities
  • Same day, next day, or evening appointments

Whatever the occasion is, our one-off cleaning will suit you аs we always tailor our services to the clients’ need. So is with the deep cleaning and spring/fall cleaning in your house or office. The team of expert cleaners will follow your priority tasks closely and everything that should be dusted, wiped, or simply cleaned, will be taken care of! You can rely on Variety Cleaning's specialists in Reading, Oxford, Guildford, Hemel Hempstead, Slough, Southampton, Portsmouth, London (West London, Southwest London, North London, Northwest London) and Greater London (Kingston upon Thames, Twickenham, Enfield, Watford, Southall).

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Affordable One off Deep Clean Prices

Price per hour per cleaner
From £22
equipment & detergents £20
Minimum charges apply

The One-off cleaning and the Deep cleaning are hourly rated services with an individual concept. In this way the quote and final one-off or deep cleaning price is based on your personal preferences, state of the premises and of course your budget. Parking, ULEZ and congestion charges (if applicable) will be added to the final cost.

Frequently Asked Questions About One off Cleaning

1What’s the difference between end of tenancy and one-off cleaning?
1. Pricing – the one-off service is charged by the hour while tenancy cleaning is charged per job. 2. Time restriction – the one-off cleaners will clean as much as possible for the time they are booked in following your priorities for the job. On the other hand, the tenancy cleaning is not limited to time 3. Guarantee – our end of tenancy cleaning comes with a 48 hrs guarantee, while the one-off cleaning does not include such.
2Do I need to supply any equipment or detergents for the cleaning?
Our team of expert cleaners will arrive with all necessary professional cleaning equipment and eco-friendly detergents. We always supply them for every service. Please inform us in advance if specific detergents must be used based on the surfaces or recommendation of the manufacturer. All we will require from you is access to electricity and water
3Can the cleaners deal with mould on my walls or bathroom?
We use a variety of professional detergent that might help, however, we cannot guarantee it. Please be aware that mould and mildew are organic in nature and require an entirely different approach and set of products. In general, mould is impossible to be taken off especially if it is already under the silicone or the grouting of your bathroom tiles. Our one-off cleaners will try to remove the mould, however, it’s best to hire a certified handyman for the job in case plastering is needed.
4Is the team able to clean the external windows as well?
The experts will mainly focus on interior window cleaning, frames and sills included as well as the gap in between. We do offer an external window cleaning and depending on the access to the windows we can provide the service for an additional charge. Different equipment is involved to reach up to 2nd floor - extension window pole system purifying the water - as well as our technician will need access to an outside water tap. This method of washing the exterior windows will remove dust, dirt from the frames and glass surfaces, however is not suitable for cleaning of builders residues like paint drops, plaster, stickers.
5Can I add additional services like carpet and upholstery cleaning to my one off cleaning?
Of course, you can do that even on the day. We actually recommend it as first of all you will have your property thoroughly cleaned and sanitised with just one visit of our professionals and secondly you will get a discounted price. All of our cleaning teams are supplied with professional equipment for carpet and upholstery cleaning as well as external window cleaning pole system and jet wash (upon request)
6How many people will perform the one-off cleaning?
That depends on the size and the condition of the estate, your priorities and the time we have to perform the service. Our cleaning teams consist of 2 to 6 technicians, but upon request, we can arrange larger teams. We do not send a single cleaner to a property.

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