Terms and Conditions

Definitions and Contacts

1.1. We, Us, Our, Company infers for Variety Cleaning (Variety Cleaning Services Ltd with company no: 11403053 registered in England and Wales). You, Yours stands for Client, Customer
1.2. Unless otherwise concurred in writing by an authority of the Company, these Terms and Conditions should beat some extraordinary terms of business conditions set forth by the Customer
1.3. These Terms and Conditions epitomize an agreement between the Company and the Customer.
1.4. Apart from our own teams of cleaners, Variety Cleaning also works with franchise contractors.
1.5. You acknowledge and accept Variety Cleaning and any of our accomplices, service providers, subsidiaries, and licensors or other outsiders identified with us.

Price Calculation

2.1. All prices are exclusive VAT
2.2. Please be aware that the calculation of the cost may vary depending on the size, state and condition of the property or type of the cleaning service.
2.3. The End of tenancy cleaning cost is formed on the number of the rooms and may differ upon the size and condition of the property. Please find below a detailed information what the cost incorporates

1-bed property – one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room, one hallway. Carpet cleaning in one bedroom, one living room.

2-bed property – two bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room, one hallway. Carpet cleaning in two bedrooms, one living room.

3-bed property - three bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room, one flight of stairs, one hallway. Carpet cleaning in three bedrooms, one living room

4-bed property - four bedrooms, one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room, one flight of stairs, one hallway. Carpet cleaning in four bedrooms, one living room

Any additional room that your property has (a flight of stairs, utility, study, conservatory, balcony, etc) or if it is partly furnished or furnished may affect the final cost

2.4. The Company reserves the right to revise or modify the cost if the property isn't kept in a decent condition.
2.5. In case the property differs from what is described via telephone/email/chat or the client changes the original requirements we maintain all authority to alter the cost
2.6. The cost of cleaning a conservatory is exclusive the rooftop. Upon arrival, the cleaning team will affirm if the rooftop is reachable from inside depending on the height and size of the conservatory. Due to safety reasons, the outside cleaning on the rooftop is not part of the service.

Payment Methods

3.1. We accept cash payment upon completion and bank transfer payments
3.2. All bank transfer payments from private clients must be sorted out in advance. In case otherwise agreed, a print screen of the transaction must be sent via email as soon as the amount is transferred or we have the right to decline the cleaning service.
3.3. The bank transfer payments for corporate clients are mandatory 30 days after the service date.
3.4. We reserve the right to cancel services without notice due to non-cleared funds.
3.5. For each service equal or exceeding £400, we require a 50% deposit to be paid before the service, unless otherwise agreed
3.6. Late payments will be subject to additional charges. If the payment isn't made within the period of 30 days from the date of the invoice then the client record will be passed to a debt collection organisation.
3.7. When booking and affirming the cleaning service and approving our company to organise and perform it, the customer agrees to pay the concurred sum.
3.8. Upon completion of the cleaning service, an online receipt will be sent via email confirming a professional cleaning service has been performed at the property.
3.9. Upon the act of booking the cleaning service with Variety Cleaning, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the company payment terms and conditions, and moreover the general Terms and Conditions.

Insurance Policy

4.1. Variety Cleaning has Public and Employer Liability Insurance. The plan covers any accidental damage caused by us, if valid and reported before the end of the cleaning service
4.2 The Company's public liability policy will cover any damages caused by a cleaning specialist working for our Company up to £2,000,000.00.
4.3. All fragile and sentimental items must be secured or expelled from the property while our team is there
4.4. Despite the fact that the Variety Cleaning operators do everything possible not to break things, misfortunes do happen. Identical substitution is always attempted however not guaranteed. For this particular reason, the Company asks all valuable items to be secured or not cleaned by the cleaning staff.
4.5. The Company keeps the right to decrease to disclose any confidential information or documents.


Variety Cleaning reserves the right not to be held responsible in the accompanying circumstances

5.1 If an outsider/third party arrives or it is present amid the cleaning service
5.2 Not completing the cleaning assignment as advertised as a lack of water, power or whatever another obstacle of the cleaning procedure.
5.3 If any of our cleaning specialists have been asked to perform cleaning service/task out from our range
5.4 Any damages caused by equipment, tools or cleaning chemicals given from the client
5.5 At the end of tenancy cleaning the Company will not hold the responsibility for any personal items or possessions left in the property from the client. The main requirement is the property to be empty of personal belongings (apart from the furniture that belongs to the property) and all things or assets left are considered as not required and will be disposed at a designated zone unless we are not informed ahead of time.

Variety Cleaning is responsible for

5.6 To keep client's information private
5.7 Repair of any damaged item or area caused by our associate. One of the supervisors will evaluate the premises. If the item/area isn't repairable our company will indicate cash value toward a like for like substitution upon the payment of the cleaning service.
5.8 Replacing any damaged or lost key by one of our affiliates; the limit is £30 per property
5.9 Variety Cleaning is as/of an underlying operator for providers of different cleaning services and we are endorsed by local providers to enter into an agreement with you on the service providers’ side. We will do this by taking your booking enquiry, appointing the booking to an accessible team of specialists and a while later sending you an email confirming the points of interest of your booking


6.1 The customer is obliged to provide us with access to the property as well as access to hot water and electricity
6.2 In case we are collecting keys from a letting agency office, neighbour or other property near the property where the cleaning will happen, the set of keys should open all locks. Else, we claim all authority to charge the customer a fee of £50.

Complaints and Claims

7.1 We recommend the customer to be present at the beginning of the cleaning service (unless otherwise agreed) and to audit the service upon completion.
7.2 The Customer agrees that a dissatisfactory service must be accounted within 24 hrs from the date the service was performed. Any type of damages or thefts must be reported on inspection of the completed service. Inability to do so will bring to the client a lost advantage for refund or discount of any sort.
7.3 All sorts of complaints must be reported to the Company office – verbally or by email no later than 24 hours after the service is completed.
7.4 The end of tenancy cleaning service has a guarantee of 48 hours. In the remote possibility that there still individual possessions during the cleaning or somebody will remain at the property after the cleaning is finished, or in case the premises condition is poor the guarantee will be not valid.
7.5 In the occasion that there are missed areas amid the end of tenancy cleaning stated in the checkout report, we will send back a team of cleaners for a free re-clean of these areas at our first convenience. Please note, that the Company must be informed about it within the 48 hrs ensured period. No refunds or discounts will be made.
7.6. The carpet/upholstery cleaning performed as part of the end of tenancy cleaning service is not included in the 48 hrs guarantee. We cannot guarantee that all stains and spots will come out if the carpet/upholstery is heavily stained and outworn, especially if the stains are old or already treated by the client.
7.7 The Client agrees to authorise the Company back to rectify any of the disputed areas before making any attempts to clean those areas by himself or hiring a different company or a subcontractor to execute cleaning or repair services with regards to the above. Failure to do in that capacity will void our Company Guarantee and we will consider the issue totally settled.
7.8. The Company may request access to the premises of the claim in the following 24 hours to settle the matter.
7.9. For a condition of an outsider evaluating or declining to review the outcome of the cleaning by then, the Company can’t be held responsible for rectifying any outstanding cleaning issues not mentioned by the third party.
7.10. Cleaning of a fireplace at the property will incorporate only external general dusting and wipe off all details; the ash from the fireplace will not be collected.
7.11. Please be aware that we are utilising eco-friendly cleansers and regardless, there is mould we can't ensure 100% removal.
7.12. During the After builders cleaning and the One-off cleaning service the kitchen appliances will be cleaned only externally (if the oven and fridge are in used condition their internal cleaning will be an additional charge) as well as all cabinets and units will be cleaned from the outside (can be cleaned internally only if they are empty). Cupboards which already have items/belongings can be still cleaned internally, however the task will be more time-consuming.


8.1. Refund will be issued only if the Client has already paid the whole amount for the service or a deposit and has cancelled the cleaning appointment within the permitted time of 48 hours
8.2. Refund will be issued if a cleaning operative does not attend a cleaning visit which has been already paid to the Company.
8.3. No refund claims will be engaged once the cleaning service has been completed and inspected by the Client


9.1 The Client must give us notice no less than 48 hrs prior to the beginning of the service in order to cancel free of charge, reschedule for an alternate day or change the booking.
9.2 Client agrees to pay a cancellation charge of 50% if cancels, reschedules off under the 48 hrs period
9.3 If carpet or upholstered furniture is not suitable for cleaning for any reason (wear & tear, material, condition, etc) a £20 fee will apply


10.1 The Customer must provide access to water and electricity at the premises
10.2 The client must provide parking spot close by to the property. In case there is no free parking, the Customer is accountable to cover any charges occurring for our team for parking and congestion
10.3 In the event of an accident or an unexpected circumstance occurs and the team is delayed for the service, we can send a substitute team/cleaner or service can be rescheduled for another day.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

11.1 These Terms will be represented by and interpreted as per the laws of the State of UK, and you submit to the non- exclusive jurisdiction of the state and government courts situated in the UK for the determination of any debate.

Intellectual Property Rights

12.1 Other than the content you have, under these Terms, Variety Cleaning and moreover its licensors possess all the intellectual property rights and materials contained in this Website.