Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks on Getting Your Home Sparkling

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March 2, 2023
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Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks on Getting Your Home Sparkling

Spring is a season of the year that represents a new beginning. Warm and sunny days, birds singing, and flowers blooming make spring unique and special. Therefore, you should welcome it properly by cleaning your home and letting in the fresh air and smell. Spring cleaning tips and tricks on getting your home sparkling could help you clean your house thoroughly and make it look spotless! These practical tips will teach you to make cleaning fun and more productive. So, keep reading and learn more about preparing your home for spring.

Start by decluttering your home

This is the best way to start the process of cleaning. Decluttering will help you end up with fewer things to clean. How should you start? First of all, make a plan for which room you want to take up. Make an order of all your rooms and get to decluttering. You can grab a few boxes or bags and mark them as throw out, donate, and sell. Go through every room in your home and collocate your belongings in the correct box or bag. This process won’t take a lot of your time. Decluttering is one of the most practical cleaning tips and tricks when it comes to domestic cleaning. Your home will shine and look refreshed. You will finally get rid of some unnecessary clutter that has been sitting in your home for a long time. You can also make someone happy and donate some of your things.



Dusting high surfaces

If you want your home to sparkle, cleaning high and hard-to-reach surfaces is essential. They collect a lot of dust which is hard to notice. However, it’s not healthy because that dirt contains a lot of bacteria and falls on the items we use daily. That is why you should dust those surfaces.

That can include:

  • ceilings
  • tops of cabinets and closets
  • refrigerator top
  • TVs (the ones on the walls) and so on depending on your furniture.

It’s a good idea to start from the top and work down so you can finish by cleaning the floors. When you start with the furniture tops, the dust will fall, so you should clean the floors last. They contain the most dirt and bacteria.

Windows and blinds – one of the best cleaning tips and tricks

Yes, windows and blinds shouldn’t be left out when cleaning. The blinds contain a lot of dust because we tend to neglect them when cleaning. You can easily clean them with a feather duster. That will remove the dirt, and then you can wipe the blinds with a microfiber cloth. Taking care of your windows and blinds shouldn’t be considered one-off cleaning. They are supposed to be regularly cleaned since they contain a lot of dirt. As for the windows, you will only need a cloth and a glassing agent. Spray the agent on your windows, wipe them, and wait for them to dry. It’s better to clean them first and then hang your cleaned blinds. Don’t forget to clean them more often; you will see the difference it makes. There will be less dust, and the air will be fresh.



Something that is used every day but still not being cleaned often is the refrigerator. As mentioned, you should clean the top of the fridge. But that does not mean that you have finished. Since it’s where we keep the food we consume every day, it requires being organized and spotless! The first thing to do is throw out anything expired or empty. After that, you can move on to clean the inside of your fridge. You can wipe the shelves and the glass parts. The interior of your fridge is the most important. Remember not to use quality detergents to clean the inside because you keep the food there. You can poison it because of the chemicals from your home agents. In the end, you can clean the outside. Since the refrigerator door is visible, you could wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

The importance of keeping the walls clean

Besides all the mentioned cleaning tips and tricks, walls are at the very top of the list. Freshly painted walls make the house look a lot cleaner and tidied up. If you don’t want to spend money on painting them, you can use a small cloth and wipe the stains. There are fingerprints and marks you can clean on the walls. Another way to keep them clean is by getting wallpapers. They are affordable and can make your home look renewed.


Imagine that you have to sell your house and move far away. You would want to leave it in a perfect condition for the family that moves in. There are many questions people often have when it comes to long-distance moving, and one of them is regarding cleanliness. If you move and look for a house to buy, you wouldn’t choose one with dirty or harmed walls. That is why it’s crucial to keep them clean.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Practices and Technological Innovations

Maintaining a clean and tidy living space is essential for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. With the changing times and evolving technologies, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques in home cleaning and maintenance. While the traditional spring cleaning rituals have been around for ages, incorporating modern strategies can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your cleaning routine.

One significant update revolves around eco-friendly cleaning products. With growing environmental awareness, many households are transitioning towards sustainable cleaning solutions. Utilising natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils ensures a safer environment for inhabitants and minimises the ecological footprint of cleaning practices. Also, many commercial cleaning brands now offer eco-friendly alternatives, catering to the rising demand for green cleaning products.

At the same time, technological advancements have revolutionised the cleaning industry, offering innovative tools and gadgets for enhanced cleaning outcomes. From robotic vacuum cleaners capable of navigating tight spaces to steam cleaners effectively eliminating stubborn stains, these modern cleaning aids can streamline the spring cleaning process while delivering impeccable results.

Incorporating these updated approaches into your spring cleaning routine fosters a healthier living environment and aligns with contemporary values of sustainability and efficiency. By staying abreast of emerging trends and embracing modern cleaning methodologies, homeowners can elevate their spring cleaning endeavours to heights of effectiveness and environmental responsibility.


Every house has at least one carpet. No matter their size, they should be washed and cleaned. From supplies, you will need a scrubbing brush or a vacuum for deep cleaning if you have one. You can wet the carpet and use a detergent or an agent to clean it. If you feel like it’s still not properly cleaned, you can hire a cleaning company to take care of it. Make sure to wash the carpets regularly. They contain the most germs since all the dirt and dust fall on them and stay there until they are washed. Cleaned carpets make your house sparkle. That is the reason you shouldn’t leave them out when cleaning your house or apartment.

Final comment

If you want your home to stay clean and fresh, you should clean it often. There are many spring-cleaning tips and tricks on getting your home sparkling to teach you how to keep the house clean. The most practical way is to start with a good and smart plan, and the rest will come easy to you. Good organisation is the key to successfully cleaning your home. You can put on some music while doing it to put you in a better mood. Something that can also make you happier is a clean home which is proven to have a positive effect on your mood.

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