6 Cleaning Chores You Should Be Doing Every Week

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June 1, 2022
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6 Cleaning Chores You Should Be Doing Every Week

Every household is different in its own way, and each requires a certain amount of time to clean. And while chores can be pretty exhausting and boring, some of them are essential to make our home fresh and neat. You probably have your own little rituals but knowing more is always good. The following is not something you should do every day but still must have on your to-do list! And remember: Before you start cleaning, make sure to dust the area first!

Here are 6 cleaning chores you should be doing every week in order to make your home clean and cosy!

1.     Washing the curtains and pillowcases

Although it may sound weird, pillowcases and curtains are the biggest dust collectors in your household. Not only that, but they will also catch every cooking aroma too! You may not smell or see it, but your home will start smelling differently during the week due to curtains and pillow cases. Cleaning professionals advise that you should do this even more often if you have a chance or time, but cleaning them once a week is a good start!

Make sure to pick your favourite detergent for washing these. They will smell longer than some other items around your house, and making it pleasant is a must! If your curtains are plastic or electronic, use a wet cloth and your favourite detergent to wipe them off. After that, use the dry one to avoid mould.

2.     Deep vacuuming

If you have kids, you will probably have to vacuum even multiple times a day. Deep vacuuming is a little bit different, and it is one of the cleaning chores you should be doing every week. It includes deep vacuuming all the big and small carpets and inaccessible areas behind the furniture and wardrobes. This way, you will reach every dusty area your home will be fresh at all times. If you have many carpets and your household is huge, then you may need more professional carpet cleaning. As a result, you will save huge amounts of time and won’t skip any spots.

After vacuuming, you can make your own spray mix to make your home smell nice and fresh. Mix some water, vinegar, and essential oils and spray your rooms. This mixture is also good for spraying both furniture and carpets; just make sure to keep a solid distance from them. While still vacuuming, make sure to keep your windows open for your daily dose of fresh air!

3.     Cleaning bathroom and toilet

There is a general rule that bathrooms should be clean after every use. And while this gives amazing results at all times, you will have to deep clean these areas at least once a week. Depending on how big your household is, make sure to leave enough time, so you don’t miss any spots or get tired fast. Here are some steps to follow easy to follow:

  • Dust your bathroom first
  • Clean shower or bathtub, sink, and toilet
  • Clean mirrors and other surfaces
  • Take out the trash and spray some antibacterial solution that is safe for people and animals

If you have guests coming over or you are short on time, don’t stress out. Nowadays, you can get some pretty affordable cleaning services that will give amazing results. On the other hand, if you like doing it on your own, make a good playlist and have fun doing it.

4.     Doing laundry

You probably wonder whether people are doing their laundry multiple times a week. Of course, but laundry isn’t only your clothes. The reason why doing laundry is on the list of weekly chores is because you will have to focus on some other items around you. Besides clothes, make sure to wash towels, kitchen rugs, and of course, bed sheets. If you have some decorative blankets for furniture or armchairs, make sure to include them as well. As a result, your home will be fresh and smell nice every day. After doing your laundry, make sure to fold and iron everything properly.

5.     Cleaning handles, switches, and door frames

These three are usually something we all skip while cleaning our home. Sometimes because we can’t reach them, we don’t see them or simply don’t think we should. On the other hand, handles, switches, and door frames are cleaning chores you should be doing weekly. We touch or go past them multiple times a day, and dust and dirt are constantly present. If not cleaned on time, it will become visible on the walls around them or stay permanently. This is especially important after relocation or renovation. Paint stains will probably catch these areas, and you will notice them only later. Especially here, cleaning is an important step and one of the essential tasks for a local move.

6.     Cleaning kitchen cabinets and fridge

Areas, where we store food need special treatment. This is important during summer or big holidays when we forget to close the lids in a hurry or throw something away. The easiest way is to remove everything from the cabinets and the fridge, clean the area and then put items back. Throw out everything that is expired and all empty bottles and boxes. This will also keep your food fresh, and there won’t be a weird smell coming out once you open your fridge. Cleaning chores you should be doing every week also include cleaning table and wardrobe areas!

More cleaning chores you should be doing every week

While these may be some of the most important cleaning chores you should be doing every week, there are more. No one knows your household better than you, and you will know exactly what is missing on this list. You can also include cleaning pet areas or their beds, deep cleaning guest rooms, and much more. Remember that your top priority is getting to the areas you used the most, which also requires some time to clean. While cleaning, always have warm water and a couple of rugs close to you. Choose a non-invasive cleaning substance and use gloves for your protection.

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