Essential Cleaning Tips for Summer Home Maintenance

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May 3, 2022
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Essential Cleaning Tips for Summer Home Maintenance

Summer days are back in town, so it’s time to refresh our homes and prepare them for the new season. Even if you’ve done your spring-cleaning chores, it’s easier to keep your home clean if you maintain it regularly. However, cleaning in summer is different from the cleaning sessions we do during winter days. This is a guide to all the essential cleaning tips for summer home maintenance – keep it handy as a reminder and a way to create a schedule to keep your home sparkly clean.

Power wash the outside parts

Besides your deck, you should also take care of your driveway and other outdoor parts of the house. Jet-washing has proven to be the easiest and most powerful way of cleaning those surfaces. It takes away dust, dirt, and stains that have accumulated over winter.


Take care of your deck and patio

Now that nice weather is here again, we know you’ll be spending more time outside and paying more attention to your home’s exterior. You will want to prepare your balcony for summer by cleaning your deck. Thus, you will manage to prepare the space for some lovely summer nights and precious moments. It will give it back its shine, remove dust and make it a comfy outdoor area for your family and friends. Look for any damage caused by cold weather and heavy rains and remove any crumbled pieces of concrete or wood. Remove any weeds by pulling them or using a suitable herbicide solution. Finally, a power washing machine or your garden hose will help you wash the surfaces. For cleaning your patio furniture, you can use a dedicated cleaning solution and a sponge. Make your patio a great place to invite friends and spend warm summer nights.


Clean the air vents

Ventilation and AC become more important during summer. You should clean them regularly and prepare them for the hot season. Firstly, remove the vents by simply pulling them out – but some models will require you to use a screwdriver. Vacuum them to remove dust and cobweb. Next, soak them in warm soapy water, and rinse them after 15 minutes. It should be enough to eliminate all the dirt particles they collect from the air.

Replace the winter clothes

It’s time for shorts, T-shirts and dresses. This means you should go through your wardrobe and put away all the winter items to make room for light summer pieces. This is a perfect time to clean your closets thoroughly, wipe each shelf, clean the mirrors, etc. Wash summer clothes and have them ready in the wardrobe, so you quickly pick outfits in the morning.

Window cleaning

Now with all the sunshine, you’ll be able to see every little spot in your windows. And they probably accumulated rain stains and dust on the glass and cobwebs in the corners. The arrival of summer is the perfect time to clean the windows and blinds and allow as much of the natural light in.

Clean the grill

Summer is the time for some tasty barbecues! However, if the grill has been sitting in the garage for months, it probably needs a deep-cleaning session. Burn off any grease left first, and then use a special grill brush to remove any leftovers. Wipe the shiny surfaces such as the cover and make the grill look new again.

Encourage outdoor activities

One of the best cleaning tips for summer home maintenance is making sure there’s less to clean. This means you should encourage everyone to spend more time outside. Adults can make outdoor meals or even work on the balcony, while kids should spend as much time as possible playing on the grass, on the playground, etc. This is a smart hack to minimise the mess in the house over the summer, so try to use it whenever possible.

Assign roles

New season, new habits. Try to have everyone involved in the summer home maintenance to keep your home healthy and clean. Assign roles to both kids and adults so that everyone can do some share of the work. Doing it together as a team will make the chores more enjoyable, and you can even let kids gain rewards for extra motivation.

Clean as you go

It’s essential not to let mess and clutter pile up. Cleaning up and putting an item away as soon as we’re finished with it is a great way to keep the house tidy and clean. You can also try to teach your kids this helpful habit. For example, as soon as they are finished eating their ice cream, they should throw away the wrapping or wash the bowl. These little details minimize the chaos and make sure your home looks good all the time.

Do smaller portions of laundry

Summertime is when the laundry becomes a more demanding task. Kids spend more time outside, getting dirty faster, but there are also beach towels. Swimsuits and other items should be washed after each use. Don’t let the laundry pile up by doing a smaller portion each day. This will be a less time-consuming task, but it will help you avoid heavy laundry days.

Pay more attention to your kitchen

Hot days and high temperatures remind us to be more cautious with food storage and disposal. You should update your summer home maintenance cleaning routine with some more steps regarding the kitchen. Don’t forget to disinfect and wipe the kitchen counter every day, as some small food parts can go bad in warm temperatures. Also, your garbage disposal can get smelly on hot days. Clean it regularly and keep it fresh by inserting a cotton ball soaked in lemon juice or essential oil for a better smell. Finally, make sure you store food properly during hot days. It’s a great time to clean your fridge and prepare it for fresh summer produce.

The bottom line

Keeping your home in order takes some effort and organisation. These cleaning tips for summer home maintenance will hopefully make it easier for you to prepare your home for the summer and keep it clean at all times.

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