10 Reasons To Keep Your Home Clean And Healthy

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May 30, 2019
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10 Reasons To Keep Your Home Clean And Healthy

When we normally clean up, we often miss major areas where bacteria and dust accumulate. We do not always realize that it is important not only how we clean but also what products and tools we use. In fact, the tools themselves can create an environment for the development of harmful micro-organisms like sponges or towels. And toxic chemicals at home may be the cause of many allergies and illnesses too.

Discover how you can keep your home clean and healthy and protect yourself


Dust on the hard-to-reach corners or places like the furniture surface may not be only a cause of sneezing but also of being toxic. According to research analysing various dust samples, it contains potentially dangerous toxic substances that can cause cancer. Toys and vinyl flooring contain phthalates and phenols in cleaning products. To minimise the risk of allergies and illnesses, clean regularly with a vacuum cleaner and wipe the dust off from blinds, ornaments, picture frames, lampshades, etc.

Air fresheners

If you are obsessed with the craze in your home to smell good, this may be bad for your health. Aromatic candles, small-based diffusers, flavours or sprays often contain phthalates, chemicals that can lead to endocrine disorders. The safest way to scent your home is to refresh with natural essential oils, flowers or just open the windows.

Plastic storage boxes in the kitchen

Plastic storage boxes often contain harmful chemicals such as BPA that fall into the food. Polycarbonate plastics such as reusable water bottles, beverage glasses or disposable utensils also often contain the harmful substances that may be the cause of cancer and diabetes. If the packaging says " without bisphenol‚ÄĚ, do not be fooled. Many manufacturers simply replaced BPA with another similar chemical from the same family. Moreover, the plastics pollute our nature and planet. Avoid plastic and choose glass.


Bleach makes the tiles in the bathroom shiny and removes the mould, but over time the joints get damaged, which makes it possible to create more mould. Try to clean with alternative cleaning solutions which are safe for your health. In case of the need arise and you must use bleach you should wear protective gloves and mask, try not to inhale the smell of the detergent and provide good ventilation of the room.

Carpet Deep Cleaning

Having a carpet or rug in the rooms, it can be a big issue if you do not take proper care. A lot of dust and microscopic particles accumulate in the carpet on a daily basis and they cause many allergies. For instance, if you walk at home with shoes that also becomes a place that gathers dust and dirt from outside. So regularly take the vacuum cleaner and clean the carpet. In fact, that carpets and rugs should be professionally cleaned every 3-6 months depending on the degree of usage. This way they can be cleaned in-depth and sanitised from all the dirt, bacteria and unpleasant odours. Absolutely the same applies for your upholstered items like sofas, curtains, mattresses or fabric blinds

House Plants

Houseplants can do more than change your home and bring freshness. Based on many types of research plants such as daisy, bamboo or aloe Vera can help in removing harmful pollutants such as carbon monoxide.

The laundry

If you often use a softener, that may cause you some skin allergies. So read carefully the labels of the preparations and avoid the perfumed ones.

Microorganisms live happily in unsuspected places around us. Even those who are supposed to help us in the unequal struggle with these beings. Examples of that are the antibacterial wet wipes, the moisture of which is beneficial of various types of moulds. The phone, the keyboard, the mouse of the computer are objects we rarely think to clean but a huge amount of microorganisms are stacked on their surface. As well as the faucets, door handles and the lamp switches are well polluted and need to be sanitised on a daily basis.

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