8 Tricks from the Professionals for Organising Your Living Space

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January 10, 2019
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September 28, 2019
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8 Tricks from the Professionals for Organising Your Living Space

Everything is a Question of Preparation

The organisation of our home is a task that pursues us all our lives and is the reason for constantly looking for new ways to make our daily life easier. Of course, we cannot live in a perfectly arranged environment, but it is good to have some tricks on hand to deal with in an emergency. Therefore, today we will pay attention to the living room.

There are so many things happening here – movie nights, cocktails, weekend gatherings, party with friends, lonely dinners, and so on. It is inevitable that the room will not be scattered throughout this workload. That is why it is now a good reason to organise and create a small order and an organisational system that will help you to clean up faster and easier.


1. One thing comes in, one thing goes out

It is very easy. If you want to buy a new decoration pillow, find the place of the old one. The same applies to the footstool, vase, sculpture, etc.

2. Do Not Use Only the Walls and Floors

Store a shelf on several levels where you can arrange souvenirs, picture frames or books.

3. Use Your Everyday Items as Art

Your collection of hats (or plates or baskets) can take a lot of space. Instead of wondering where to put them, attach them to the wall as a gallery.

4. Turn Your Collection of Books into Improvised Furniture

The stacks of magazines or books can be an interesting separator or help table.

5. Invest in Dual-purpose Furniture

Building storage is always a good idea for a small room. Or a table that offers space for books and magazines will provide space to arrange your favourite reading.

6. Large Shelf to the Wall

It is perfect for collecting souvenirs, books, and putting the TV. And a trick – if it is the colour of the wall will create an illusion for a larger room.

7. Hide Cables

They accumulate dust and create chaos in the room. Just collect them together or invest in a special box to hide them.

8. Baskets, baskets, and more baskets

First of all, you can store so many things – blankets, toys, small accessories. Second – add rich texture and third – they are so beautiful and are a great accessory.


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