6 Efficient Tricks for Cleaning the Dust at Home

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July 22, 2018
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6 Efficient Tricks for Cleaning the Dust at Home

Why you need to dust and clean your house regularly

Basically, the dust consists of fine particles of mud and clay, pollen and other particles from the surrounding environment. At home it falls through the windows, doors and cracks in the walls.

In fact, dust may adversely affect the respiratory system, irritate the lungs, and may cause allergic reactions. Getting rid of the dust completely is not possible, but you can minimize the damage to your health. To do this, do not forget to do a wet cleaning regularly as most dust is accumulated on the furniture and fine ornaments.

How to remove dust from furniture using an environmentally friendly product?

When wiping the dust is important to use a cloth of quality microfiber material because it has the ability to absorb the dirt. Preferably, the microfiber cloth is damp while cleaning, along with antistatic spray or other cleaning solutions made of soapy water or solution with vinegar. Remember to always start from top to bottom. In this way the dust will not pollute already cleaned items, furniture or floor.

Here are some tips for a quick and effective cleaning of the dustiest places at home. Find out how from the dusty lampshade to the picture frames everything will shine again.

Blinds dusting

If you have any blinds at home, you most probably already have the special tool for blinds cleaning. But in case that you do not have it yet, there is an easy way to wipe and dust the blinds with handy materials you have at home.

The easiest way it is to take a microfiber cloth and clean each blind up and down. You can use it for plastic, wooden or metal blinds. It is a bit time-consuming task but it should be done at least every week.

Carpet Cleaning

Clean all carpets at least once a week. The carpets are a huge dust collector especially in the high traffic areas and every time you walk on them the dust is spread in the air. However, professional carpet cleaning will sanitise the carpets and rugs in depth and will eliminate all the accumulated dirt, dust, bacteria and germs. Therefore, trust the professionals and depending on the usage of the carpeted areas you should clean them professionally at least every 3 -6 months. Absolutely the same applies to your upholstered furniture like sofas, mattresses, chairs or curtains.

Computer keyboard cleaning

Use self-adhesive notes that stick between the keys. You can also effectively clean with baby wipes. Wipe the monitor with a microfiber cloth

Cleaning the radiators

A place that it seems impossible to be cleaned, right? You might not see the dust but it has the ability to settle in there and must be cleaned regularly to avoid any further health issues. Use the vacuum cleaner to take off the dust. If you cannot reach all areas use a long feather brush and move it up and down. Then clean with the vacuum cleaner, all the dirt fell on the floor from the radiator.

All things considered, the dust has that unpleasant habit of gathering in those corners and crevices that we think we've already cleaned. Life is too short to spend hours with a rag in hand, so let's get rid of the dust as soon as possible. As a result, you will be breathing better and your home will look cleaner and healthier.

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