7 Things at Home You Should Clean Every Day

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June 11, 2018
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7 Things at Home You Should Clean Every Day

How often do you say, "I'll clean up later," and you do not end up with it? So gradually piles of dishes, dirty clothes and unclean surfaces remain in the “To do list”. It is not difficult to always have a clean and shiny home. You just have to be consistent and organised and every day to clean and arrange certain things in your home. If this turns into a routine, you will see how easy the road to the perfect home is. So no more excuses, get it started with this 7 things that require daily cleaning!


1. Kitchen countertop

The kitchen top is not just dirty from the preparation of the food. Here you put the keys, the mail, the shopping bags. And everything that comes from outside carries all sorts of microbes. To make sure you are preparing food on a clean top, disinfect each day.

2. Washing the dishes

One of the most annoying household duties, at least for me it is. In case you do not have a dishwashing machine as a best friend then you should take care of that task on time and straight after you have completed your meal. If you leave the dishes in the sink overnight, the food residue on them will dry and their washing will be significantly more difficult the next day. So after dinner, wash them, it will take you no more than 15 -20 minutes.

3. The sink

The fact that we wash in it does not mean that the sink is always clean. Usually, there are residues of grease and bacteria. After each washing of the dishes, take a disinfectant or bleach and sanitise throughout. Also having in mind the hardness of the water you can use a limescale detergent to wipe and shine the sink and especially the taps. The same applies to the sink in the bathroom.


4. Hand Towels

Even if they do not look dirty, they are among the things at home that collect the most microbes. The reason behind their infectivity is their ability to keep the moisture, enabling the microorganisms to breed. Every day change the hand towels in the kitchen and in the bathroom, especially if you have a large family and are used by many people.

5. Shower screen and bathroom walls

After bathing or taking shower on the tiles and shower glass of the cabin there are water drops, which if not dried on time can form mould. So dry thoroughly the bathroom walls after using the shower. This will prevent also the formation of spots and limescale

6. The coffee machine

You most probably drink coffee every day. A coffee machine is a perfect place to develop bacteria and mildew, so you should clean it on a daily basis - moving parts, jugs, wiping out and outside.

7. Cleaning the floor

For sure, no matter how hard you work, there's no way you can avoid the dirt on the floor. Especially after dinner, you must collect the crumbs and wipe any stains from food or drinks.


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